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The building blocks to any succesful company are the faces of it's front office...

Meet the leadership team of Square Built Sales, Inc.!

Paul Chatelain
CEO Square Built Sales, Inc.


Paul Chatelain is the founder and CEO of Integrated Green Materials, Squarebuilt Sales, Inc. and Integrated Green Equipment. He started framing houses at the age of 16 while still in High School. After High School he started building McDonalds and Wendy franchises and various restaurants. From there he advanced into building concrete tilt-ups and masonry buildings for various developers. By the early 80’s he started his own construction company with contracts from Hitachi Corp. Isuzu and American Can Corp.

In the late 80’s Paul attended College to study advanced wall building techniques. By the early 90’s he started inventing equipment to manufacture the STRIPS panel system. From there he’s never stopped inventing, manufacturing and selling Green Building Materials.

Jeff Green
IGI & Square Built Sales Inc. Partner

IGI & Sa


Born in 1948 and attended Engineering School at Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy.  Graduated from the same University with an Engineering Degree in 1971.

From 1972-1975 worked as an Electrical/Mechanical Engineer at Watlow Electric in St. Louis, Mo.

In 1976 was appointed Regional Manager for Sales and Engineering in the Western US for Watlow Electric.

Started TSI a company which provided parts, service and engineering for industrial equipment in 1980.  TSI also designed and built many custom industrial process systems and control or data acquisition systems.

In 1990 Mr. Green incorporated an additional business named TSI Services.  TSI Services was a licensed C-10 Electrical contractor providing services to install, move, modify and repair heavy industrial equipment. 

In 1994 Jeff and Paul met while figuring out how to modify equipment used in fabricating one of Paul’s first patented products. 

Over the last 20+ years Paul and Jeff have collaborated to design equipment and processes used in manufacturing many additional patented products and processes.

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