Home Kit Innovation

According to Wikipedia, Kit homes were popular in the first half of the 20th century. There were many different styles, sizes and manufactures supplied at a fixed price for all material required for construction with the exception of any exterior brick, masonry and foundation which typically must be arranged locally.

Today, kit homes are gaining in popularity again. This time manufacturing innovations are once again leading the way in order to achieve high quality, affordable homes. The challenge that many home kit buyers often face is the confusion about how a home kit is valued as real estate.

This stems from numerous attempts to create pre-fab methods that bring high value at the lowest possible cost increasing structure performance as well as stream lining the build process. While there have been some interesting approaches, most have not become widely accepted in the building industry thus placing all of the risk on the customer. Given a home is usually one of biggest investments a family makes, it is critical to understand how these home kits are valued by the real estate industry.

Innovative Breakthrough

Composite wall systems have provided a breakthrough in increasing the insulation rating, wall strength and reducing construction time. This has made home kits even more attractive. The one component that most of the pre-fab and traditional building methods continue to rely upon in the United States is the basic 2 x 4 wall construction.