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What is an Affordable Home Structure?

The structure of a house consists of the exterior load bearing walls and the roof truss system including the roof decking. Once the home structure is erected on top of your foundation, you simply install the windows and doors and the house shell is basically in tact.

What if you could build this house shell in less than 2 weeks without a contractor?

You can immediately convert your home site from a cost into home equity in 6 to 10 days!

"We work with families everyday that experience this amazing transformation from land to home structure."

The home structure from Square Built allows you to easily erect a wall system that includes composite steel stud, foam insulation, and cement mesh structure that combines multiple construction steps into a single step.

"This powerful composite wall system is a game changer!" 

It makes it possible for you to quickly erect a house shell that is:

  • Engineered to meet building codes

  • Provides a minimum of R22 up to R30 insulation

  • Includes a stucco-like exterior

  • Covered with free span trusses and roof decking

You get ultimate flexibility to finish the house from this point forward to whatever level of finish meets your budget. And, you immediately have a dried-in house shell that most banks will assign a value that is much more than the cost of our Square Built Home Kit. This is the power of an engineered factory panel system.

"This truly enables affordable housing by eliminating steps, reducing install costs and delivering a higher quality home structure than most traditionally constructed homes."

Extremely affordable per SQ FT pricing.

  • Super-Insulated Steel Stud Panel System

  • Pre-fab window and door openings

  • Interior Shear Panels

  • Interior 2 X 4 Framing

  • Roof Trusses & Fascia  Board

Easy To Install usually in 6 - 10 Days once your foundation is ready.

  • Floor Plans & Blueprints

  • Engineering Details

  • Architectural Details

  • Instruction Manual

  • No Special Skills Required

Immediate Equity simply by erecting a complete home structure.

  • Dried-In House Shell

  • Stucco-Style Cement Exterior

  • Ready For Roofing

  • Just Install Windows & Doors

  • Immediately Increase Property Value

Ready to build your own home structure?

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