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The STRIPS Panel  - Quality from the exterior to the core!

STRIPS Panels are a patented new innovative wall product that allows contractors, developers, architects and homeowners to erect a stucco wall without the hassle and expense of a masonry wall.

STRIPS Panels are manufactured using cold rolled steel studs, EPS Foam and a pantented mixture of reinforced mesh and polymer that creates the exterior surface of the panels.
These panels are super lightweight and can be cut to size on the jobsite. This makes the installation process easier and faster.

STRIPS Panels come in two standard sizes at a thickness of 4".
The 8' x 2' STRIPS Panels are better suited for walls 8' in height and the 10' x 2' STRIPS Panels are better suited for walls 8' plus in height.

The STRIPS Panel reinforced polymer surface makes the panels extremely durable and adds to the rigid strength of the panel. The reinforced polymer exterior also acts as the brown coat and is ready to receive stucco.  The STRIPS wall system can be engineered for high wind loads such as those located in the gulf coast area.



The backbone of the STRIPS™ panel is the galvanized steel stud. Each panel has two of these studs for double the strength. By placing these panels vertically side-to-side, the wall will meet or exceed most building code requirements for a stud wall.


A specially formulated cement polymer is the “glue” that holds the STRIPS™ panel together. Its elasticity and ability to bond gives the polymer strength and a durability that compliments the mesh.


The mesh used in the STRIPS™ panel brings added strength through its engineering, tape and weave. The mesh is extremely strong and will not lose strength over time like fiberglass. In addition, it will not rot or deteriorate over time and is not adversely affected by alkali or acid. We designed the mesh to be imbedded into the cement polymer to create an almost impregnable bond that stays flexible…not rigid.


The interior of the STRIPS™ panel is made of commercial grade and recycled closed cell foam. EPS testing results show that the insulation qualities of the STRIPS™ panel meets or exceeds values listed in ASTM C578, with an R value of R-30. The dense construction of the foam keeps out the weather a gives the panel a flame spread of 20 and a smoked developed 150-300 EPS.


Length: Up to 40’

Width: 6” to 24”

Panel Size: 2.5” to 4”

Two to Three Ply

Mesh with Cement Coat


Length: Up to 40’

Width: 6” to 24”

Panel Size: 5” and 7”

Double Mesh

Single Ply Mesh with Cement Coat

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