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We are PROUD to announce that our GROBOATS were a HUGE hit at this year's 2016 Master Gardeners Blooms & Barrels Sale here in Kerrville, TX.!!!
We recieved nothing but praise from the Master Gardeners in attendence, plenty of excitement from the buyers that attended and generated on-site sales that made the whole venture a ROARING SUCCESS!!!!

Growing in a Groboat is fun and easy!  Providing you use the right potting soil, you will experience a great harvest every time!
You will have years of enjoyment knowing that you can grow year round while you and your family are eating and enjoying the most nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Growboats are made from reinforced composites with an acrylic stucco finish with ten drain holes. They are 8’ long X 4’ wide and are 9” deep.

Adding the Coldframe, which is made from galvanized steel tubing ( 36’ high, 48” wide and 96” long) will give you a greenhouse that you can easily move anywhere and allow you to grow throughout the year!
How about and Aquaponics or Hydroponics Box? They are made with the same high quality composites as the Groboat and same dimensions except they are 12” deep.

We have also have just manufactured our NEW "mini-Groboat which is 4' x 4' feet and 9" deep!!!
This is the perfect Groboat for smaller spaces or for those that want to produce their own herb gardens or have smaller outdoor areas.


  • Grow bigger and faster in your preferred potting soil.

  • Can easily be moved by two people.

  • No kneeling or bending over!

  • No weeds or roots.

  • Reduces insects and rodents.

  • Less water consumption.

  • No wood to rot or mildew.



  • Winter greenhouse

  • Provide summer shade

  • Deer netting

  • Vegetable supports (Tomatoes)

8' x 4' (9" Deep) w/Coldframe                  

Aquaponics/Hydroponics Boat                 
8' x 4'   (12" deep) w/Coldframe               

Groboat "Dingy"  4' x 4' (9" Deep)

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